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    Make frinty admin (reposted correctly)



    How trustworthy is frinty?

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    Server Op
    Server Op

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    Make frinty admin (reposted correctly)

    Post  frinty on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:19 am

    rank request for: Admin
    minecraft name: frinty
    join date: (need a screenshot to prove it press f2) 2 weeks after server started (f2 doesnt do anything -_-) admins can prove
    Why should you get this rank? I have been on the server for a while and i am a trusted person+ i help out the other players
    why should we trust you? I have never been jailed or muted and i am an op plus i have gone through every rank twice
    do you have any knowledge with running a server. a little bit
    do you have any knowledge of plugins. a little bit
    Have you or are you a admin on another server please list the server ip: yes
    you must also start a poll on your thread so the server can also vote you in.

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